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Make Your Voice Heard on Solar Issues

Help us Keep Iowa's Solar Industry Shining

The Iowa solar industry employs more than 1,000 people, and supports jobs throughout the supply chain and manufacturing industries in Iowa. Iowa is home to more than 100 solar energy companies, and at least nine facilities involved in the manufacturing of solar parts. In the past four years alone, $123,248,595 has been invested in solar using the Iowa solar investment tax credit. All of Iowa’s 99 counties have seen solar investment utilizing the solar investment tax credit. 

This solar success is not by chance and Iowa's solar energy industry is dependent on a positive business climate and regulatory environment. Join ISETA's newsletter list today to make sure you stay up to date on policy issues and make your voice heard on matters that affect the solar industry in Iowa. These include:

  • State and Federal Tax Credits

  • Distributed Generation and Net Metering

  • Transmission

  • Storage Technology

  • Local siting and ordinances

  • Economic development tools and incentives

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