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Join the Solar Movement Today

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Why Join ISETA?

The solar energy industry in Iowa is thriving, and there is so much more potential for economic opportunity for Iowa homeowners and businesses. There are many perks that come with an ISETA membership, and we hope you join today to help us continue to move the solar industry forward in Iowa.

Membership Benefits
  • Business Promotion

    • Listed on ISETA website

    • Member spotlights in newsletter

    • Included in list of contractors/installers sent to developers for future projects

  • Advocacy

    • Provide a unified voice for the solar industry in Iowa

    • Coordinated/statewide advocacy efforts to promote positive solar energy policy to enable solar industry growth

    • Local advocacy on siting issues, ordinances, etc.

  • Events/Networking

    • Access to thought leaders to learn best practices

    • Access to members-only events

    • Discounted event pricing for ISETA members

    • Event sponsorship opportunities for additional business exposure

  • Tools/Resources

    • Access to member-only resources (PPA template, etc.)

    • Iowa solar industry FAQ and talking points

    • Digital resources

Membership Levels
  • Solar Installers & Solar Industry Businesses

    • 50 employees or $5 million in installs in Iowa - $5,000 with $1,000 for each additional $1 million

    • 16-50 employees or $2.5 million in Iowa - $3,000

    • 6-15 employees or $500,000 in Iowa - $1,000

    • 1-5 employees or <$500,000 in Iowa - $500

  • Non-Industry Small Business Member (less than 50 employees) - $250 per year

  • Non-Industry Large Business Member (more than 50 employees) - $500 per year

  • Non-Profit Member - $150 per year

  • Individual Member - $35: Click here to join

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