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Solar Panels on Rooftop

Consumer Protection

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Do Your Due Diligence Before Signing a Solar Contract
Be Aware of Misleading Advertisements

​Misleading advertisements have been circulating on social media about solar energy. We encourage all homeowners and businesses to get multiple quotes for both the actual solar array and installation, as well as financing options. We also encourage you to do your research and ensure you are working with consumer-friendly, reputable companies. Quite simply, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Consumer Confidence

​There are an abundance of well-qualified solar experts in Iowa that can help walk you through the design and installation process. Click here to find an ISETA member near you to help you start the process!

Solar Basics & Common Questions

​The Midwest Renewable Energy Association has put together solar 101 information for consumers and answers to common questions. Click here for consumer-friendly resources to help you on your solar journey.

Things to Consider

Understanding Contract Terms

Installing a rooftop PV system raises many questions, which may be included in a lengthy contract:

  • What is the length of the contract?

  • Who owns the PV panels?

  • What happens if the customer wants to sell their house?

  • What happens if the PV system is damaged? Who is responsible for insurance?

  • Is there a minimum production guarantee?

  • Who can take advantage of state and federal solar incentives?

  • Who will be installing the solar panels? Is it the same company I'm signing with or someone else?


The answer to many questions consumers may have about their contract are often different depending on the financing mechanism.


System Financing

  • Customers entering the solar market may initially be confused about what exactly they are purchasing and owning. For residential solar consumers, the main financing arrangements include direct purchase, solar loans, and third-party ownership models like solar leases and power purchase agreement. Make sure to get multiple quotes and understand all the terms of your financing agreement. To view a list of financing contacts, please visit our Member Directory


Navigating Solar Policies

  • To fully understand the financial costs and benefit of installing solar, consumers need to comprehend the national, state, and local laws and incentives that influence solar investments, including net metering regulations, renewable energy certificate markets, and tax credits. Make sure your solar installer is connected to the state's trade association and up-to-date on current solar policy.

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