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Solar Panels

Code of Ethics

ISETA members are committed to protecting and advancing the rights of consumers and users of solar energy systems. 


ISETA members will act intentionally to protect the reputation of the Solar Industry in Iowa by providing safe and effective products, accurate information, and helpful, reliable service.

As part of these commitments, we will:

Meet the highest standards of quality and performance for each customer.

Honestly communicate the upfront and total financed costs of systems, installations, components, warranties and cash and financing options.

Honestly communicate capabilities, performance and energy savings potential of solar products.

Protect the health and safety of consumers and employees in the design and installation of products and services.

Be responsive to, and act upon, consumer suggestions and complaints in a professional manner.

Honestly and openly share any government incentives or rebates for purchasers of solar power.

Accurately represent membership dues in a timely manner.

Offer and honor clear, understandable warranties that comply with all applicable regulations.

Act in the best interests of the solar industry, as a whole, in Iowa.

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