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MidAmerican Energy's Anti-Solar Bill

Take Action Now - Ask Legislators to Vote NO
It's critical that Iowa remain an energy leader to continue to recruit and retain business and keep costs low for all Iowans. Please contact your legislators now and ask them to oppose HF 669/SF 583 and monopoly utility efforts that take away consumer rights.
Click here to find your Legislator and ask them to vote NO on House File 669. 

Legislation is Bad for Iowa Homeowners & Businesses:

  • Legislation will add “sunshine tax” of approximately $300 per year for solar customers.​​

  • HF 669/SF 583 will enable utilities to have a complete monopoly of the sun, they already have complete monopolies over their service territories and consumers will have no choice.


  • All solar customers already pay a fixed service charge to their utility each month, whether they pull any energy or not.

  • The utilities are attempting this power grab under the guise of “fairness,” even though many other states that have comprehensively studied the issue have found solar customers are more than covering infrastructure costs with the high value energy they provide to the grid.

  • The utilities have never presented sufficient evidence to justify these changes to the experts at the Iowa Utilities Board. MidAmerican Energy, the main instigator of this legislation, made $600 million in net profits last year. The suggestion they need solar customers to pay even more than they already do to help maintain their infrastructure is not logical.

  • The bill takes away property rights and savings from Iowa farmers to give to Warren Buffet out of state.

  • Iowa has more than 800 people employed in the solar industry. 86% of these jobs are serving farmers, homes and businesses, while only 14% are in utility-scale solar. Utility investments in solar cannot and will not make up for the job losses this bill will cause. 

  • Many states, including surrounding states like Minnesota, have done a “Value of Solar” analysis that have found customers are more than covering infrastructure costs with the high-value energy they provide to the grid during expensive/peak times.Iowa must conduct its own Value of Solar study before attempting to legislate a fix to a problem that does not exist.

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