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A Letter from the President

Dear ISETA members,

Welcome to the first ISETA newsletter, several years in the making.  First off,

I would like to welcome all the members to ISETA and say thank you for all the

support we’ve been given over the past few years.  ISETA was created in January

of 2011 for the purpose of creating a solar industry here in Iowa.

Our newsletter is broken into a few subject areas to keep you connected with

solar happenings in Iowa, and is designed to inform ISETA members about the

progress, successes and challenges in our solar industry.  As an industry that is

heavily regulated and subject to policy changes, these important issues need

to be discussed and we need to continue to advocate to improve the viability

and feasibility of solar in our communities. 
Thanks to the support of our membership and leadership, the state of Iowa is gearing up to be a robust and sustainable market place for investment in solar energy technologies. Iowa is experiencing solar at the right time.  Solar equipment costs have declined more than 75 percent in the past six years and the economic return is increasing.  Now is the time to go solar!

I can’t say enough about the support of our membership.  Every year our members step up.  Now, I challenge our membership to recruit new members to support our cause. Solar energy creates jobs in Iowa, saves Iowans money on their electricity bills, provides a clean environment, and conserves Iowa resources and bolsters the state’s supply chain.  All good for Iowa.


Thank you,

Tim Dwight


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