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Growing Solar.

Powering Iowa's Economy.

Energy Innovation Starts Here. 

Solar energy is the smart choice for Iowa's energy future. The Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association (ISETA) helps build that future through policy development, advocacy, education and networking. 

Solar's Economic Impact

The solar industry in Iowa has a ripple effect on Iowa's economy. In Iowa, the solar industry:


  • Employs 1000+ people

  • Supports job throughout supply chain and manufacturing industries

  • Supports local investment - More than $337 million has been invested in solar using the Iowa solar investment tax credit alone

  • Benefits rural and urban areas - all 99 of Iowa’s counties have seen solar investment

Why Solar?

Investing in solar energy provides many benefits to your residence, business or

farm, including:

  • Great return on investment

  • Energy independence

  • Increases in property value

  • Creates jobs and help your local economy

  • Reduces your carbon footprint

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